Wynne W. Miller

Master Certified Coach


Wynne Miller is a lifelong coach specializing in executive coaching & leadership development, entrepreneur coaching, and spiritual guidance.


International, award-winning coach serving Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs. Among the first Master Certified Coaches, a distinction achieved by only 5% of the 16,700 certified coaches worldwide. Assessor, International Coach Federation (ICF), accrediting training institutions and credentialing coaches. Honored by the YWCA as a Women in Achievement in Business and Industry. Featured in the book Who We Could Be at Work by Margaret Lulic.



Where SHE's Been

  • Consultant and coach for a variety of large and small organizations in a range of industries in North America and Europe. Representative clients: Philips - Healthcare & Consumer Lifestyle. MetLife, Polaroid Corporation KLM Airlines (the Netherlands), AMD, Atrius Health, VMware, The Broad Institute, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Entrepreneur and coach for mid-career professionals at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.
  • Director of human development for a fast-growing software company.
  • Co-founder of a nationally-recognized career development program.
  • Facilitator with the Authentic Leadership Institute in their True North workshop and the Executive Education program at The Wharton School.
  • Member of the SupporTED team that coaches TED Fellows.
  • Speaker for organizations, educational institutions, and professional associations; featured expert on radio and television shows.



Honored by induction into the Hall of Fame, International Coach Federation of New England.  See the longer version (5 minutes) of this video at YouTube.


Seek. Listen. Learn.

A graduate of Brandeis University in Psychology (studying with Abraham Maslow himself), Wynne is a dedicated lifelong learner whose teachers are both traditional and leading edge. Her training includes: certification in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator; studies with such diverse institutions as: Boston College School of Management, Corporate CoachU International, The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and Newfield Network along with somatic coaching (body awareness) psychosynthesis (spiritual psychology), presence-based, and transformational coaching.

Some of her most valuable lessons have been learned outside the classroom on her many adventures.


Mind. Body. Spirit.



I took the phrase "taking a leap" literally. Sometimes it’s useful to make a metaphor a reality. Especially if it gives you courage, exhilaration and an otherwise-unavailable, spectacular  360-degree view of New England from 10,500m feet.


Enlightened Warrior & Wizard Training Camp


Under the spell of British Columbia glaciers, I discover I am stronger than I ever imagined. There is nothing I can’t do if I focus on it. The experience of living without fear, honoring integrity, and serving others gives me the perfect warrior backdrop for life as a wizard. I stay in harmony with my true self and the universe by replacing controlling with allowing, deciding with being guided, and struggling with miracles.


Grand Canyon Courage


Visit the majestic Arizona Grand Canyon. Ah, you’ve done that, you say? Mount a mule and trust a clumsy, lumbering, but well-trained creature to maneuver a rock-strewn path, round hairpin turns and descend 7000 feet safely.

I learned to move past fear and face a new challenge. The reward: breathtaking geological formations, restoring meaning to the word, "awesome."


Solitude & Silence


Spend a week solo and silent on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, just you, the sun and sand, a tent, food, water and the sea lions (and if you are lucky, whales too). You will have a new relationship with yourself, mystery, sky above and earth below, deeply connected to all that is natural.

John P. Milton prepared me for a solo excursion in Baja California with training from his collection of Native American and Eastern philosophies and practices. Could one know oneself better than to sit in silence for a week, sometimes in the company of a pale yellow butterfly, sometimes a sea lion?


The Spell of Hawaiian Rainbows


Behold the rainbows on a Hawaiian island, wander the organic gardens and be sustained by enlightened discussions on balance, wisdom at work, community. Explore with two masters, the frontiers of personal, team, & organizational performance.

Joel and Michelle Levey blended their spirit-based facilitation and coaching with Hawaiian lore and values at their Big Island permaculture sanctuary. I even learned to dance the hula and tap a coconut.


Push The Limits


Test the limits of your potential, energizing the possible human, embracing “social artistry” and applying new ways of thinking, being, and doing to social challenges in the world. Identify the archetypes playing out their roles in your life. Be guided into the worlds of myth, creativity, quantum physics, re-patterning, sacred mountains, earthy humor, and more. Mystery School awaits you.

Jean Houston, surely the 8th wonder of the world, steeped in literature, science, theatre, religion, psychology, history, cooking, and a dozen other disciplines, is a student of Margaret Mead, Joseph Campbell, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. She is a one-woman encyclopedia cum vaudeville show with a vision for our times.