What clients say



“I chose to work with you as my coach because you made me think, showed the potential of being tough on me with immediate feedback, got me to slow down in 20 minutes and was not fooled by my high energy and smartness to avoid getting to the heart of things.”



“Wynne’s skill is facilitating pragmatic insight. You drive, she guides. You experience, she listens, comments, and teaches. She is a gem.”


“I use you as a coach because you are totally trustworthy and inspire confidence. Your judgment is unimpeachable. Working with you I get peace of mind and a feeling of trust, like my life couldn’t be in better hands.”

Els Van Mierop
Senior Director, Culture Transformation
Philips Healthcare

Barry Gold
Vice President, Emerging Accounts
Venture Development Center

Albert S. Axelrad
Rabbi Emeritus
Brandeis University & Emerson College


“Wynne, your coaching style is an equal measure of gentle support and challenge. You are quite skilled at asking questions that spark new insight. In just a short period of time, you have helped me to uncover new understandings about myself and how I can be more effective. Thank you for being a catalyst for my growth and development. You are a pure delight to work with. Thank You!”

Alesia Latson
Leadership Development Expert

“Wynne never ceases to amaze me with her ability to ask wise questions to help understand what is really going on in a given situation. As a colleague working on leadership development, she is insightful, always ready to help, and contributes a warm and positive vibe to the room. As a coach, I can say that she is indeed a master, and moves effortlessly across approaches and techniques in the way that an expert does... you realize after the fact she has pulled off an amazing set of moves, but it looked so easy in the moment! Wynne is someone I always want on my team.“

Michael Madera
Executive Coach, Organizational Consultant, Advisor
Madera Partner

“Wynne has perspective that I seldom witness in others. Her experience and long practice at coaching put her on a balcony. She sees—and asks piercing, astute questions about—the beliefs that keep us from growing. One or two questions from Wynne will rock your world…and you’ll make progress that you couldn’t imagine.”
Perry Carrison
Executive Coach