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You come to this moment with a rich past
and a future awaiting your impact;
your job is to trust yourself.

This is a sacred pact we have, client and coach.
You will become, if you work with me, the kind of person you’ve always wanted to be.




Are you ready for the next level of mastery? Willing to lead with courage, clarity and wisdom?

Are you focusing on making the most of your small business or start-up and still having a life?

Are you seeking meaning and purpose? Looking at a personal life or career transition?

Leadership today is about being authentic, agile, resonant, connected. In our coaching, you will get clear on what drives you, what derails you, and how to stay on track, on purpose, true to yourself. This clarity, and wisdom, strengthening your voice, is your leadership signature.

Entrepreneurs are often “alone at the top” or juggling the chaos of a startup, finding it hard to separate the passion for their work from their private or family lives. Resilience and course correction, keeping clear lines, are valuable coaching areas that keep you and your business strong.

Using both traditional and cutting edge approaches, honoring mind, body and spirit, we will connect or re-connect you to yourself and your purpose at this point in your life. You will gain the courage to take action and claim your rightful place in the larger scheme of the universe.



Question. Challenge. Support.


I encourage you to maximize the power of your natural style, to stay true to yourself, while also stretching into unfamiliar approaches and practicing new skills in your everyday situations.



Process. Style. Results.


My questions are tough, my insights quick, and my delivery direct. What I'll need from you are willingness, trust, and permission to hold your hand or give you a well placed kick. Working with me you will increase your confidence, courage, and self-mastery. You will be willing to imprint the world in which you work and live.

I question, challenge, and support, serving as a mirror, providing feedback on the strengths you may be underestimating and the derailers you may be overlooking.

I'll remind you to breathe and make you laugh (often).

I synthesize the best practices and approaches from many disciplines; guide you toward greater self-awareness; and help you recognize the values that drive you, so you can make clear choices. I am a guide to your own wisdom. 

Finally, I hold you accountable as I coach you toward your results.

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What you get

  • Contact in person, on the phone, via Skype, FaceTime, or email
  • Confidentiality
  • Honesty with compassion

What you gain

  • The courage to go beyond where you thought you could go
  • The clarity to honor who you are and trust yourself
  • The wisdom to stay present to yourself and listen